When the team begins to expand

At one point or the other many entrepreneurs get to the stage where they have to get in more hands especially as the business gets bigger and more demanding.

This is a major requirement because no matter how much you love your business, you need helpers else it will fail or drag because you cannot do everything on your own (or are you a superman or woman?)

In as much as you need to employ more hands, it is necessary to ensure that things are done the right way because wrong employees do more harm than good for your brand/business. Are you at the verge of expanding your team? Take the following into consideration to help you attract, screen and hire the right person for the job:

Be Specific on the Role

This trick saves you a whole lot of time, energy and other resources.

As a small/medium sized business owner, you need to state in clear language what the job is, the skills it requires, day-to-day tasks and how the role fits into the overall company goals before you sign the contract.

Go the unconventional way

Unlike large businesses and organizations, small business can carry out recruitment in less traditional ways.

If you need help around the office, you could always hire someone temporal who comes in few times a week or as often as required, giving you the opportunity to save cost and also try out the employee without serious paper works or commitments.

You could also hire independent contractors to handle certain duties from time to time. You end up paying the person only when needed, therefore reducing the payroll expenses.

Go to where you will find the best candidates

Just like you would go to the river to fish, you should also go to places where your skill sets would be hanging out, physically or virtually. If you are in need of Online Managers, attend seminars, courses and conferences on Online Sales and Marketing.

As boring as they might sound, conferences are a great way to attract talent as it gives you a chance to express the vision behind the company in a casual and non-interview setting. Asides this, it gives your business a voice and a face which many employees find more attractive than applying online or through newspaper ads.

Be Flexible

Being flexible should be one of your best selling points because no employee wants to be chained to a desk from 9 – 5.  A little remote work here and there, a day off, team bonding exercises will do great for employee happiness and retention whilst retaining in-office culture or productivity.

What matters in all of these is that your team should meet its goals and collaborate when needed.

Make use of these tips and more and I can assure you of having a badass team of happy and dedicated employees who would help move your business to the peak.

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