Entrepreneurs, do you know how your Brain works?

It is common knowledge that entrepreneurs need to always think on their feet to churn out good results. Coming up with convincing business proposals, writing business plans and conducting necessary research amongst others is no small task and it requires so much brain work. As a result, the brain is one of the most important tools for any entrepreneur willing to climb the ladder of success.


However, there are times when you feel you have overworked your brain and might break down if care is not taken. We know how important our brain is but many do not know how this miraculous organ operates. Here are a few facts for entrepreneurs to note about their brains and how it works.

  1. No Pain In The Brain:Say what? Yes you heard right, the brain feels no pain at all because there are no pain receptors in it.  This is why surgeons can perform brain surgery on a patient while they are still awake. I know you still want to know why we feel pains.  Well because a nociceptor, a sensory receptor, sends signals to the spinal cord and brain alerting us to danger.545582186
  1. The Left and Right Brain Are Different: I guess we have all heard the myth that right handed people think more with the left side of the brain, while left handed people think more with their right side. This is true! The brain is divided into two symmetrical hemispheres and while they work together, the left brain favors more rational, analytical thinking, while the right is more visually and conceptually oriented. There’s a weird thing though, do you know that even if you were to lose one-half of your brain, you would be able to survive without it.
  1. Men’s Brains Are 10 Percent Bigger: No jokes about this! This is the ultimate proof that men can be smarter than women (Not in all cases though). Before you get all excited and all, guys, note that while women’s brains are smaller, they have more nerve cells and connectors and work more efficiently than men’s. And as a result, they tend to process on the more emotional left side of the brain, while men process on the logical right. Does this mean there are brain-related differences between the sexes? What do you think?

  2. Your Brain Works More While You Sleep: This is for entrepreneurs that burn the midnight oil every time. Sleep! Sleep!! Sleep!!! We know you have deadlines to meet, proposals to submit and so on but it is important for you to rest and let your brain relax so you can be more optimal.vectorof sleep concept with brain.

Night-time is the right time for your brain to process all the activity that has occurred during the day. Have you ever jolted up in the middle of the night, just to scribble down an idea that pooped in your head? I have! This is what happens when you allow your brain rest well. Sometimes a nap during the day too goes a long way to help your entrepreneurial drive as it leaves you more energized and focused on your work.

  1. The Brain Contains 100,000 Miles Of Blood Vessels: If the blood vessels in the brain were stretched out, it would cover the length of 100,000 miles as it contains a hundred billion. Made of 75% water, your noodle has over 100 trillion synapses that connect those neurons and enough “space” to hold the entire Encyclopedia Britannica five-fold, or 1,000 terabytes of information. On a lighter note, there’s absolutely no truth to the idea that we only use 10% of our neural matter.

Entrepreneurs need energy, focus and good memory. This is why you need to know how your mind and body works in order to avoid health and mental strain which can deter you from your goals and objectives.

Entrepreneurs KNOW more, so you can DO more!


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