5 Things Entrepreneurs can learn from Big Brother Nigeria

Right now, BBN is basically the most talked about show in the country. 5-things-entrepreneursTwitter is going crazy, Instagram jokes and memes are everywhere so I asked myself one question:

Why is everybody watching?

After thinking about it deeply I was able to answer this question. It is quite a simple answer which is this:

They can relate to the characters in one way or the other

Interesting right?

I know.

I myself have been watching the show from time to time and I was able to decipher about five things every entrepreneur can learn from Big Brother and these are highlighted below:

  1. Tell your Story: When selling a product or service as an entrepreneur, one thing which is very important that you have to do is ‘tell the story behind it’. People want to know why you started, they want to understand you a bit more than they already do. So if you are not already doing this you need to get in on this and tell the people your story!


  2. Be Unique: In all honesty, it is very rare to have a product or service and not have competition. I mean, what is business without competition? But the most important thing is to be unique and distinguish yourself from the entire pack in a strategic manner.

  3. Know what the customer wants: A lot of times, businesses are doing all the right things and getting all the wrong results you know why? Because they are not doing what the customer wants. If you are not doing what the customer wants how are you ever going to get the customers’ attention? Carry out surveys, get customer feedback, ask questions and get answers to ensure you get results.

  4. Understand the competition: In the Big Brother house, there are about 12 housemates and only one person is going to win the grand prize of 25 million Naira. Now, if you do  not understand your competitors how do you know when to attack? or when to defend? etc As an entrepreneur, you need to be very vigilant and extremely observant.


  5. Be Entertaining / Interesting: Truth be told, you cannot expect to be so boring especially on social media and get the results you desire. People follow other people for their own individual pleasure  one of which being entertainment and another being information as well as many others. Check you pages and ask yourself if you are providing this for your potential clients.


So there you have it people, what we entrepreneurs can  learn from big brother.

Do not hesitate to send in your comments and / or opinions.

Enjoy your week!

Go Build!





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