Let’s Talk about the Triumphant Trump

I’m sure you agree that this week has been quite an eventful one in the whole world because of the American election on 9/11/16. I myself was so startled watching it because I normally am not a political person, but this time around I was actually stunned that something like that could happen in a country like America.


I began to ask myself questions like:

  • How does a man without political background become president?
  • What did he do right?
  • What did the opponent do wrong?
  • How can we apply these in Business?
  • What do I need to learn?

The answers came to me almost immediately and I knew I had to share them with you guys, my people..

There are 5 lessons we can learn from Trump as potential or existing Business owners and Entrepreneurs.

Winning is everything: In this election, Trump decided he was going to win.
From the very beginning he made up his mind and started working towards it.
Ask yourself this question: Have you made up your mind to win?
Your Product or Service will never appeal to everyone: Trump knew that he would not appeal to everyone so he focused on those who he appealed to and they got him in. So, as an Entrepreneur identify the market and audience you appeal to and focus on providing those people with the best product or service you can provide.
If you try to appeal to everyone, your effort is going to be a losing battle. confidence-blog
Be Confident: Trump is extremely confident, the question here is Are you? A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners do not understand that they need to be confident. If you are not confident, how will you convince me to believe in a product or service you aren’t confident about?
Establish your brand: Trump made it clear early in the game what his brand was all about with the “Make America great again” Campaign. He had hats which went a long way in establishing his brand.
As an entrepreneur, how is your branding affecting your brand? Are you consciously building your brand or not. 
Tap into Emotions: People buy into ideas and products based on emotion and then back up their decisions with logic. Trump plays into this human dynamic beautifully.And as business owners we need to as well.Define what makes your ideal customer want to buy and then play into that emotional state. It works (all the time).how-to-identify-your-target-market
There are certain traits you need when Building a Business to ensure you are successful.

The question is re you ready to Build the Empire you Desire?

If you are, email us button and let’s get started.


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